Erlang door Motiejus Jakštys (voertaal Engels)

Motiejus JakštysMotiejus will present and explain Erlang concepts, outline main properties of the language and environment (why Erlang is famous, but not mainstream). After this high-level overview he will give a taste of its syntax and power of its tools, followed by a comparison with a few well-known languages.

Over Motiejus Jakštys
When Motiejus is asked why he likes coding, his answer is that it’s like building LEGO: take small pieces of stuff, build larger stuff that look useful. Now he is building high-quality large pieces of stuff from small pieces of stuff for living.

The Public Library: the almost invisible infrastructure door Marcell Mars aka Nenad Romic

publibIt’s a simple idea: public library is one of those almost invisible infrastructures that we start to notice only once they go extinct. A place where all people can get access to all knowledge that can be collected. In the past it relied on the limited resources of rich patrons or unstable budgets of (welfare) states. With internet, as in many other instances, the dream about universal access got much more imaginable. It seemed just an issue of interpreting when the trajectory curves of global personal computer distribution and internet access penetration would finally make universal access to knowledge a reality. However, the actual trajectory of development of public libraries in the age of internet are pointing in the opposite direction – that the phenomena we people are most proud of are being undercut and can easily go extinct. The hackathon ‘Free Libraries for Every Soul’next weekend in Utrecht will address that problem. See for more info:

Over Marcell Mars aka Nenad Romic
Marcell Mars is advanced internet user. More:



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